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Tips and Tricks #2
Posted by Jeff Shafe (Import) on 07 October 2008 03:59 PM

Consultant Front Office - Tips and Tricks #2

Knowing a few shortcuts in a program like Consultant Front Office can speed up day-to-day tasks and make the program more fun to use. Whether you're transitioning from a previous version of our software or from some other system, here are a few tips and tricks to make using our software just a little easier!

Setting Dates

There are several ways to set dates in the program and some are more obvious than others. Here's a list that may add a couple of useful options to the way you're doing it now.

  1. Use the ellipsis (...) button to pop up a calendar.

  2. Type the date.

  3. Use your Up and Down arrow keys to scroll one day at a time (if you're entering a date in one of the "grid" displays, you will need to hold down your SHIFT key at the same time).

  4. Use your PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll one week at a time (this currently does not work in grid date fields).

Entering Phone Numbers and Credit Cards

Phone numbers and credit card numbers should always be entered without any spaces or special formatting. The program will automatically format these entries for you making them easier to enter and more consistent for purposes of searching.

Contact Groups

Contact groups allow you to quickly find and communicate with people based on their relationship to you and the interest they've expressed in varous aspects of your business. When entering a new contact, the first "Group" box on the New Contact screen should indicate your primary relationship to that person from a business standpoint. To add the contact to more than one group, click on the Addl button to the right of the second "Group" box.

The only time you will want to use the second "Group" box on this screen is when you are breaking one of your contact groups down into various subgroups. An example of this might be if your team consists of active "Business Builders" but also has some "Wholesale Buyers". Use the second "Group" box on the New Contact screen to indicate which of these two subgroups a person belongs to.

Filtering Contact Groups

You can quickly find and communicate with contacts based on the "Groups" you assign them to using the Filter button on the Contacts screen. The Primary Group Filter will find all contacts that have been assigned to a group using either the first "Group" box or the Addl button on the New Contact screen. If you activate the Subgroup Filter, then a contact's primary group (the one selected in the first "Group" box) and their subgroup (the one selected in the second "Group" box) will both have to match in order for them to be found.

Creating New Contact Groups

The Select button on the Contacts screen allows you to select contacts at random to create a group. Groups selected in this manner are not permanent, but can be made permanent using the Change button on the Contacts screen to assign everyone you selected a new additional group.

To create a new group by selecting contacts do this:

1. Holding down your CTRL key, select each of the contacts you would to be part of the new group.

2. Click on Select to temporarily refill the Contacts screen with just the selected contacts.

3. Click on Change. You will be prompted to create a backup file. This is recommended, especially the first few times you use the Change function. If you accidentally do something you didn't intend to in the Change Contacts window, you can reverse it by restoring the backup file you created before entering the Change Contacts window.

4. Select the 6th option in the Change Contacts window (the one with the Assign button to the right of it).

5. Select the Additional Group you want to assign the selected contacts to.

6. Ensure that the Primary Group box has "All target contacts" selected.

7. Click on Assign to assign all of the contacts to the additional group you selected in Step 5.

The result is exactly the same as if you individually each contact, clicked on the Addl button, selected the new group, then clicked on Save. It's just a much faster way to accomplish the same thing.

Data Exchange Importing

If your company has implemented our Data Exchange Interface, make sure you check out the following article in our Knowledgebase for information and recommendations on how to use the importing capability most effectively.,64

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