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Easy Mail Service

Welcome to Easy Mail, the fastest and most reliable way to send email using your Consultant Front Office software! Easy Mail is not required in order to send email using your software, but it does make setup and sending a lot easier and more reliable.

When you sign up for our Easy Mail service, you will receive an "Account name" to be entered into your program. Entering your Account name and the email address you would like people to reply to is the only setup you need to do.

Easy Mail is a subscription service that costs $5 a month. Here's what you get with your subscription:

Easy Mail allows you to take full advantage of the mail-merge, HTML email capability in Consultant Front Office, without worrying about changes and restrictions imposed by your email provider.

To sign up for the Easy Mail service, just click here!

Easy Mail Signup


Easy Mail Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Easy Mail best suited for?
Easy Mail is a great option for users of Consultant Front Office who may be using a free email service or another service that does not allow sending email through a POP3/SMTP email account. Easy Mail is also great for users who may not be able to properly configure their email account in the program or those who's email providers seem to change their settings or sending requirements on a regular basis.
How many emails can I send using Easy Mail?
Easy Mail is optimized for sending up to 250 emails per hour. While Easy Mail is fully capable of sending to a very large number of recipients, in general it should only be used by those sending to no more than 1000 recipients in a single day or 8,000 recipients in a given month.
Why is there a limit on the number of emails that can be sent per hour?
Many email providers limit the number of identical emails they will receive at one time from a single sender. By limiting the number of emails that can be sent at one time, we greatly reduce the likelihood of our server being blocked for spamming.
Will Easy Mail get me around the restrictions imposed by other ISPs?
Possibly. Easy Mail does not have some of the restrictions imposed by ISPs, however, many restrictions are imposed on the receiving end, not the sending end. Emails that would be blocked on the receiving end are likely to still be blocked using Easy Mail. Easy Mail should not be used soley to get around restrictions imposed by other email services.
Can you guarantee that emails sent using Easy Mail will be received?
No email provider will guarantee 100% deliverability of all emails sent through their system. Every email provider imposes its limits and restrictions on what they consider SPAM. It is very likely that legitimate emails to valid recipients will be blocked soley on the email content or the number of recipients you are sending the email to at the same domain.
Why might emails sent through Easy Mail not be received?
Some of the reasons we've seen emails get blocked include:

Easy Mail Disclaimer: While most users have found Easy Mail greatly enhances their ability to send emails from Consultant Front Office, a few Internet service providers (ISPs) impose restrictions that may limit your ability to use the Easy Mail service. Also, users of certain security software programs configured to scan outbound email messages may not be able to use Easy Mail unless this security feature is disabled.

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