MLM and Party Plan Software - Organize your tax and record keeping.

"I absolutely love this program! I have wasted soooo much time trying to get Outlook and Quickbooks Pro to do what this ONE program will do!!! Thank you so much!!"
Mary Francis - Homemade Gourmet

"My upline claims her sales doubled from $4,000 to $8,000 in January and she fully attributes the increase to her scheduled email blasts. She now promotes it to her entire downline every chance she gets."
Azure Campbell - SeneGence

"Love this program!! I have referred everyone with our company to use this program. It is so nice to have a complete database of customers and clients all in one click of a button. Not to mention keeping track of my inventory. This is a must have program for anyone who has their own business."
Bridget Plafkin - Pure Romance

"I recommend your program to anyone who asks how I keep up with my accounting. Last year was the first year I had it for tax purposes and it was so easy for my CPA to have everything she needed (which saved me money)."
Lori Smiley - NVP - Arbonne Intl.

"Once again thank you so much for your help. I am telling everyone about this AWESOME software."
Stacy Kern - Passion Parties

"By the way, LOVE everything about the upgrades so far. This is such a powerful program, I want to learn it well and train my downline to purchase and USE this program!"
Sherry DuShaw - Usborne Books

"I LOVE Version 10! THANK YOU for all that you continue to do, working for us, and working with HQ!!!"
Kathy Tank - Team Mentor - Tastefully Simple




We Know Our Customers

Welcome to MLM Software Solutions, Inc., the premier provider of salesforce software for direct sellers. With 20 years experience in the industry and close relationships with leaders in some of the largest direct selling companies, we are in a unique position to know and respond to the changing needs of the seller in the field.


We Have the Right Solutions

Direct sellers have a wide range of business management skills. We pride ourselves on offering an equally wide variety of desktop and online solutions, to ensure a "match" for sellers at all levels of business and technology experience.



All of our systems combine unique tools for strengthening and automating customer followup with perfectly-formatted Schedule C tax reports, to expand business potential and eliminate the stress of preparing business taxes.

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Speakers and Suppliers

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